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Coaching with Me - Free Consultation

I offer a 1 month personal coaching package to help new assistants, leaders, and teams work like a well-oiled machine. 


Personal coaching is important because every leader is different and requires a unique kind of support. On the other hand, every assistant has a unique set of skills to offer. It's not always easy to know what questions to ask and how to integrate an assistant in the best possible way.


I help new assistants figure out exactly what they need to do and get them doing it well. My support looks like:

  • Helping your assistant understand the needs of the leader/team by asking the right questions
  • Developing skills such as managing schedules, email, phone and travel
  • Help with tech/computer set up to hit the ground running
  • Project and task management strategies and tools to be highly organized and efficient
  • Building relationships and trust with team members
  • Weekly (or more as required) video coaching sessions
  • Freedom to email or call me any time for support
  • Ongoing mentorship after the month! I do not like to lose touch with my clients and consider them a valuable network

I work with both virtual and in-person teams, but all my coaching is online.


Who is this Coaching for?

If you are:

  • relatively new to being an assistant
  • an entrepreneur who has never had an assistant
  • feel like you have some skills but are missing others, such as relationship building or some technical knowledge
  • transitioning from in-person to virtual assistant and want to know how to best support from online
  • have been out of the assistant role for a number of years and want a refresher

Then this coaching is right for you!

I would love to get on a call with you and talk about your needs. From there, I can tailor a coaching program for you.

For coaching inquiries, email [email protected]


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I promise to only send you useful and exciting tips, strategies and musing about being an amazing assistant + leadership team.