I’ve always felt that being an assistant is totally badass.

Dani Sheriff / The Productive Professional

You might not believe me, but as a kid I told my mother that I wanted to “be the assistant to someone super high up and important”. Not because I'm from a blue-collar family and didn’t have big, audacious dreams, but for the same reason every kid chooses their first career. The movies. Sure, some kids wanted to be stars or superheroes, but the people running the operation for those stars always stood out to me. Think Pepper Pots to Tony Stark, she was really running that show. I could sit here listing examples, but that isn't the point. So, eventually I got there. I tried some other things in between like owning my own business and hospitality but my roads always led me back to business operations.

Being an assistant was an opportunity to create whatever job I wanted.

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I love that it’s autonomous and that whoever you’re assisting needs you to be self sufficient. In fact they need you to tell them what to do. Assisting always feels like I have my very own business because I’m usually dictating what and when things need to be done.

The best part is the appreciation.

Whether you’re assisting the CEO or a whole team of people, you are one of the most relied on people in the room. If there is one job that hasn’t changed in a very long time, it’s the need for good assistants.

There are very few jobs that let you dive deep into the business and operations side of a business, but being the assistant in any business from large corporate to small start up is a hands-on role that is whatever your team needs and whatever you make it.

I live in Austin, Texas.

But prior to that I’ve done time in California and originally I’m from Sydney Australia. I have some spread out experience and have worked both in-office and 100% remote. I draw on these experiences a lot and teach best practices for both.

I’m married to an amazing man named Jake and we have a White German-Shepherd Husky who oversees my every move.


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