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Ready to be an impeccably organized assistant who is amazing at project management and able to get ANY task done?


Hey, I'm Dani

I'm kind of obsessed with teaching people the tricks of the Productivity-at-Work trade.

I want you to be EXTRAORDINARY at your job and your life.

You can read about me here, if you want.

Get The Overnight Email Fix

This (free!) ebook will help you quickly identify your areas for growth when it comes to writing internal emails and then give you easy fixes!

I always say that simple emails require simple tactics. You can expect to learn super easy hacks for how to:

  • cut out the clutter that makes your emails hard to read
  • utilize email formatting to 👏🏼get 👏🏼your 👏🏼point 👏🏼across
  • effectively email large groups so that everyone understands who, how and what they're responsible for
  • know when and when not using email is most appropriate
  • send emails with very clear and specific questions, tasks and outcomes

Plus some bonus tips and tricks that I love about email management.

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